DC Travel Tips

Washington, DC Museums Open Late

Washington, DC Museums Open Late The majority of museums in Washington, DC close their doors daily at 5:30 pm. However, for visitors trying to maximize their time or simply [...]

Museums Worth Paying Admission

Museums Worth Paying Admission One of the most appealing aspects of visiting Washington, DC is the free admission to most of the top attractions. The Smithsonian Museums, [...]

Freer and Sackler Galleries Reopened

Freer and Sackler Galleries Reopened After being closed for nearly two years, the Freer and Sackler Galleries reopened to the public in October 2017. The Freer Gallery of Art [...]

Washington Monument Closed

Washington Monument Closed Visitors to Washington, DC frequently ask, “Is the Washington Monument closed?”. The observation deck of the Washington Monument is [...]

Newseum Admission Cost

Newseum Admission Cost How much does Newseum Admission cost? While the museum offers various discounts and free admission promotions, the general admission tickets are priced [...]

Newseum Discounts and Free Admission

Newseum Discounts and Free Admission: For visitors searching for Newseum discounts and free admission, there are a few options to consider. While these discounts will not [...]

Top Smithsonian Exhibits

Top Smithsonian Exhibits The Smithsonian Institute has hundreds of permanent and temporary exhibits throughout its museums in Washington, DC. For visitors with limited time, [...]